Why join Startup Exchange?

We offer the following value to members of our fellowship team:







Our Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program is a community built for quality teams building at the highest level.

Have an innovative idea? Wondering where and how to start? Joining our fellowship program is your opportunity to work with a team of 2-5 co-founders to bring your idea to life. Each team will be given $500 to develop their idea, and you'll have exclusive access to industry mentors that will assist your team in turning an idea into a reality.

At our core, we believe that offering a community experience will give rise to larger networks, exchange of ideas, and most importantly building new brides. Members are strongly encouraged to connect with mentors, who are expected to meet in-person/online for ~30 minutes a week with our teams during this 10-week program.

As a team, we will provide you a tailored experience for your unique journey. Workshops will also be held on a weekly basis in order to provide assistance through each stage of your idea's development.

Gaining valuable insight and feedback on your idea

After the 10 week program, your team will have the opportunity to pitch your idea in front of VC companies, judges from growth startups in Atlanta, and representatives from incubators. The 1st place team will also earn a cash prize of $750, 2nd place $500, and 3rd place $300.

Who is this program for?

Students that find success in the fellowship program possess the following:

  • A desire to learn about entrepreneurship and gain feedback from experienced industry mentors
  • An aptitude for technology, systems, workability or feasibility, entrepreneurship, or leadership
  • An interest in the creative arts or any sustained activity in an expressive art form
  • An understanding of how to work successfully within a team
  • Curiosity & initiative
  • An ability to accept periodic failure as an essential component of innovation


Armed with a broad knowledge base and an abiding passion for entrepreneurship, our advisors are the backbone of our organization. We've learned the value behind mentorship, and these are a few of the minds who help us make it all happen.







Application & Timeline

Applications will be released in late October. To be on our mailing list for the Fellowship program, please fill out the Application Interest Form here.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

What does a mentor do?

We are actively growing our diverse list of mentors to jumpstart student entrepreneurship talent. Our mentors dedicate around 30 to 40 minutes per week to meet with Fellowship teams during the 10-week program, providing valuable feedback to the team's idea.

Email us at to get started!



The largest entrepreneurship community at Georgia Tech – we are a community of student entrepreneurs, but we’re also a place for students to learn. We promote entrepreneurship education at Georgia Tech by organizing speaker events, workshops, and panels for students. We connect students with startups through our network of fellow students, founders, and members.

The Design Bloc is where your ideas take shape. Learn how to think, behave, and invent like a creative problem-framer using design-thinking through our various workshops and classes

Georgia Tech’s student-run hackathon held each year to bring over 1000 hackers, a variety of sponsors, and other parties together and build some awesome technology over 36 hours.

A semester-long hands-on class for undergraduates at Georgia Tech to learn how to launch a technology startup by combining in-and-out-of-class learning experiences. Part of Georgia Tech’s Create-X Initative for student entrepreneurship.

A learning space offering a variety of classes and workshops focusing on technology, business, and design both online and in-person at Ponce City Market.


An undergraduate research experience where students build real prototypes based on their ideas. Students can receive up to 6 hours of academic credit and a grant of up to $1,500 for needed materials and equipment. Part of Georgia Tech’s Create-X Initiative for student entrepreneurship.

An intensive 12-week faculty-led, student-focused for student teams to launch startups based on their ideas, inventions, and prototypes that gives the teams an option to receive a $20,000 investment to pursue their idea. Part of Georgia Tech’s Create-X Initiative for student entrepreneurship.

Georgia Tech-based startup incubator providing a variety of incubation resources to Georgia Tech students.

The InVenture Prize at Georgia Tech is a faculty-led innovation competition for undergraduate students and recent BS graduates of Georgia Tech. Students can work independently or in teams to develop and present inventions which will be judged by experts.

Raise startup funding and gain critical insight to help launch your business through the startup accelerator and development program at Techstars Atlanta. Their first cohort launched in August 2016.

An incubator, seed fund, and coworking/corporate-innovation space in Tech Square providing a track record of experience in helping build and invest in successful technology companies.

The competition is for current Georgia Tech students and recent alumni who have early-stage social-minded product/service ideas or venture concepts that are geared towards creating a better world through students who “Dare to Care”


That’s us! We’re a student-run organization at Georgia Tech providing a variety of resources, connections, and experiences to Yellow Jackets interested in getting involved with startups and learning about entrepreneurship.

For technologists, researchers, entrepreneurs, startups, students, and corporations who are seeking productive collaborations, Tech Square ATL (TSQATL) Social Club is a members-only community that provides a curated environment designed to foster growth and innovation.

At TSQATL Social Club, we are centered around cultivating data-driven connections and offering continuous support by providing exclusive access to a shared workspace, community events, custom programming, mentorship opportunities, and so much more.

A website providing news, information, job postings, and insights into Atlanta’s Startup scene. It is THE place to know what’s up in the tech startup scene around Atlanta.

A startup Incubator fostering a community of like-minded individuals, providing a proven curriculum, coaching, connections, and commons located in Tech Square. ATDC opened its doors in 1981 and has graduated nearly 170 companies from its program.

Atlanta’s largest tech startup hub. Their mission is to support entrepreneurs to achieve success through a community that promotes faster connections between talent, ideas and capital.

Part workspace, part coffee shop, part event series, and part incubator, the Switchyards Downtown Club is a members-only gathering place to accelerate learnings, build beautiful products, and be around the consumer startups creating the future of Atlanta.

A monthly gathering at the Atlanta Tech Village to bring people together and present new ideas or business pitches as well as discuss roadblocks and moving forwards in an inclusive environment.

Job Board


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To submit a job posting, please compile a job posting similar to the example posting and email with the subject “[Your startup name] Job Posting”. You can also use whatever format you think is most appropriate for your position, we just ask you provide as many details as you can. The SX Team will reach out to confirm the posting and add it to the table as soon as possible!


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