What is the Fellowship Program?

The Fellowship is a community built for quality teams building at the highest level. 

The team at Startup Exchange has witnessed a great increase in the interest around startups at Georgia Tech. We want to take our community building efforts one step forward by bringing those actively working on ventures into the Startup Exchange Fellowship Incubator. We decided to create the Fellowship program because there is a growing number of student entrepreneurs on campus, but no other organization on campus effectively brings them together; nothing really embraces their love to build and solve problems and create a community around it. 

The top entrepreneurial campuses around the country possess a community that encourages other students to either tackle problems with their own ventures or go help other students’ startups. We want to foster similar actions on Tech’s campus through the Fellowship program. 

What the program is like

On a weekly basis, the aim is to provide quality workshops relevant to the group’s needs and set time for teams to work together and build relationships, exchange ideas and grow together. Along the lines of building community, we plan to create engaging social events, dinners and hangout sessions to facilitate interpersonal relationships. At our core, we believe that offering a community experience will give rise to larger networks, exchange of ideas and most importantly building new bridges.

A significant structural component of our program is offering Fellowship teams personalized connections with professionals in the startup community. The goal of this effort is to encourage members to connect with mentors and learn from the numerous valuable resources and experiences they offer. We expect mentors to meet in person/online for ~30 minutes a week with our teams during the 10 week period of the program.

Who is this for? 

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur that is looking to find a community, learn from experienced industry mentors and bring your ideas to life, this is the program for you. We are accepting teams of 2-5 co-founders that have made impactful progress on their startup and have prior fundamental knowledge in their field of interest. As a team, we will provide you a tailored experience for your unique journey.

Application and Timeline

Applications will be released in late October, and to be on our mailing list for the Fellowship program, please fill out the Application Interest Form below:

Interested in being a Mentor for our Fellowship Program? 

We are actively growing our diverse list of mentors to jumpstart student entrepreneurship talent. Email us at revanth@startup.exchange or saurav@startup.exchange to get started! 

Interested in being a sponsor for our program?

Email us for more information at gabe@startup.exchange. 

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