Have you ever struggled with developing complex ideas or describing them in a group setting? Perhaps you’ve already come up with your own, but don’t know how to act on it?

If so, Startup Exchange invites you to the Fellowship Program’s Ideation Event, coming up this Monday, January 18th. At this event, participants will be sorted into multiple teams and given an issue with which to solve. Working as a group, your team will spend the next 20 minutes forming and developing complex ideas for solutions before presenting your ideas to other groups. This event will help develop a solid basis for the process of ideation while encouraging cross-pollination between the ideas of attendees in the groups. Think fast, work hard, and develop critical thinking skills as you navigate the complex terrain of ideation at Startup Exchange’s upcoming event.

This event will be held on Zoom from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Plan on arriving five minutes early so all parties are ready to begin at 4:00.