Startup Exchange invites entrepreneur Hannah Davis to discuss her journey founding BANGS and reinvesting her success in upcoming startups.

What will be your source of inspiration to change the world? For Hannah Davis, it was a worn pair of worker’s shoes.

Join Startup Exchange as Hannah Davis recounts her entrepreneurial journey, taking a simple shoe and turning it into not just a product, but a symbol of generosity and the support of young businesses around the world. Growing from an English teacher to the owner of an international retail business, Hannah’s inspirational story of success as a woman entrepreneur sets an example for the upcoming generation of students aspiring to create social impact. How will her story motivate you?

Born out of a humbling experience teaching in China, the shoe company BANGS is built around its mission statement: “Your adventure helps others find theirs.” Empowering upcoming entrepreneurs, BANGS provides investment opportunities to young businesses around the world while maintaining sustainable products built in a thriving factory community. Reinvesting 20% of their net income through Kiva, BANGS has given over 3,000 passionate entrepreneurs the chance to expand their ventures and find their own unique “adventure.”