Learn how PlanetScale modernized cloud storage by building upon the foundations of open-source technology to create scalable databases.

From open-source project to game-changing business, PlanetScale has revolutionized the cloud-storage industry by introducing a Vitess-based scaling and sharding solution for MySQL. Come and join Startup Exchange as Jiten Vaidya and Dan Kozlowski, CEO and VP of Engineering at PlanetScale, share the fundamentals of their business strategy, including how they built upon their own open-source software and established themselves in an exceedingly competitive market. This event will give rising CS entrepreneurs an enriching, behind-the-scenes exploration of a successful data-tech startup. A brief Q&A will follow the main event.

PlanetScale, a MySQL compatible and highly scalable database-as-a-service, was founded in 2018 and, since then, has gone through multiple rounds of funding from companies such as a16z and SignalFire. To date, PlanetScale has raised over $23 million. One integral component of their business model revolves around developing partnerships with big players in the cloud computing industry. Some of the partners that have enabled PlanetScale to see extensive growth include Amazon’s AWS and the Google Cloud Platform.