There is a lot of confusion about how immigrants solidify their status as entrepreneurs in America. How do they obtain a VISA? How do they secure funding?

Sarah Holmes from Unshackled is collaborating with Startup Exchange to clear any doubts about entrepreneurship in the US . Sarah used to be analyst with First Round Capital where she worked extensively with portfolio founders on growth and hiring strategies, and is now a partner at Unshackled VC. Through her work, she makes an impact investing in the area in which she has the strongest affinity: industries that boost the American economy founded by ambitious immigrant entrepreneurs.

Unshackled is here to help immigrants succeed in their entrepreneurial dreams without any obstacles they may face in terms of logistics or VISA. Unshackled, in the words of Sarah, maintains a very transparent and collaborative structure throughout the investment process, helping immigrants achieve their dream in the easiest way possible.

Our talk with Sarah Holmes will cover how an immigrant can simplify the process of understanding their entrepreneurial path.

This event will be held virtually on the video platform Zoom from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST.

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