Join Startup Exchange on Zoom on March 10 at 5pm EST as we discuss what should be included in a pitch deck and get a chance to put our learning into action!

In this workshop, you will get to hear from Startup Exchange Exec about how to create and present a pitch deck to fund your business. Whether you are experienced or just curious to learn more about pitch decks, this workshop will provide insight into anyone trying to come aboard entrepreneurship. You will then have the opportunity to meet new people after being randomly assigned into teams of 4-5 where you will begin work on your very own pitch deck.

You will be given a set of 8 companies to make this pitch deck for and judges will also be given a template rubric of the companies which outlines the expectations of each of the teams. A Startup Exchange Exec mentor will also be assigned to your team to help with any questions you may have during the process.

After making your pitch decks, judges will then come to a final decision of the winners of the pitch deck competition! There will be a period shortly after judging for awarding the winning team so bring your best effort!

This is most certainly an event you don’t want to miss! Register HERE!