Learn how to develop a winning sales strategy from Kyle Porter, the founder of SalesLoft, Atlanta’s newest billion dollar company.

Join Startup Exchange on Friday, January 22nd as we kick-off the Spring semester with a chat featuring Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, one of the fastest growing companies in Atlanta. A Georgia Tech alumni, Kyle has had his fair share of contributions in the startup ecosystem. From his first venture advertising gaming machines to sports bars and restaurants, to becoming the President of the ATL Chapter where he helped boost sales investments, Kyle has turned his vast marketing experience into the leading sales engagement platform, SalesLoft.

SalesLoft is known for its incredible company culture and the ease at which its technology makes the exchange between sales representatives and their clients more productive. Kyle’s evolving mentality is what has allowed SalesLoft to rebuild new products in order to tackle larger challenges. For example, Kyle’s confidence as an entrepreneur allowed him to reassess SalesLoft’s first iteration to address greater problems in the sales engagement industry.

SalesLoft has since been able to use the pandemic to its advantage by making inside sales the new norm. SalesLoft is Atlanta’s newest unicorn, attaining a $1.1 billion dollar valuation with a $100 million dollar series E. Funding from investors such as Emergence Capital and Insight Partners has allowed SalesLoft to continue counting customers from different professional niches such as Google and Slack.

Our talk with Kyle will first dive into his time before SalesLoft as an entrepreneur where he will explain how his various experiences inspired him to create a revolutionary business. There will also be a Q&A during this event for any questions regarding Kyle’s startup journey and what he has learned from past experiences.

This event will be held virtually on the video platform Zoom from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST. Register HERE