Should I Bootstrap My Startup?

By Startup Exchange Team | June 20, 2020

The term bootstrapping comes from the 18th century phrase “to pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps”, which is physically impossible. The term was adopted by the startup community to illustrate how difficult it is to build something without raising outside money.

Despite the hardships, we are seeing more startups take the route of bootstrapping while arguing that not everyone should raise capital to grow their business. There are several benefits to bootstrapping your startup. Tune in to our first online workshop on April 9th to decide if those benefits are worth it.

The workshop will be led by Brandy Nagel, Georgia Tech Entrepreneurship Educator. Brandy will reveal a different way of thinking about money and a way to decide how much you might need.

Note: An invitation link will be emailed to you for you to join this virtual workshop!

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