SameTunes lets you compare and connect through music. 


Sharing music is a cumbersome process. You have to remember the song, then retrieve the song link, and then make sure the other person uses the same streaming platform, and then text them the link. And then if the other person doesn’t enjoy the music, all that effort was for nothing. 


SameTunes is a platform that makes it easier to share the right music with the right people.


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Business Model 

SameTunes is a B2C startup that charges music artists who want to be promoted through the platform. They also release music data to artists that pay and form a promotion partnership with SameTunes.


The Product

SameTunes provides a platform for users to build a social network around music. Users connect their favorite streaming platform with SameTunes, and SameTunes takes their music listening data to determine what songs, artists, and genres users like the most. Based on these metrics SameTunes is able to connect users to other users who share the same music tastes.


Not only is the platform made for helping find others who share the same music taste, but the platform also helps users find new music they would actually love. SameTunes does this by providing users with a finely curated music discovery playlist. The playlist not only promotes new music from friends you’re compatible with, but the playlist also shares music from new artists who are trying to gain exposure. 


Traction and Fundraising

  • Founded in 2019 with MVP
  • Relaunched in Summer 2020
    • Acquired 5000 users in a week over Product Hunt( Product Hunt #5 Product of the day)
    • Gaining ~1000 users per week
    • Currently has 7000+ number of users



Marc Frankel, Business Administration and Management @ Georgia Tech

Matthew Nilson, BS in Computer Science @ Georgia Tech

Kristofer Madu , International/Global Studies @ John Hopkins

David Yap, BS in Biochemistry @ Georgia Tech 

Bonnie Sun, BS in Industrial Design @ Georgia Tech 

Tusheet Goli, BS in Computer Science @ Georgia Tech 

John Garrett, BS in Computer Science @ Georgia Tech 


Our Analysis 

Some of the things to look for when analyzing early stage startups is the founding team and the defensibility of the product. SameTunes advertises itself as a music sharing and music discovery platform, but another way to look at it is as a data aggregation and data analytics platform. And this is where the defensibility of the platform comes in. The secret sauce of the product is the algorithm used to calculate how much someone loves a song. And this ties into the founding team aspect of the startup as well. SameTunes has a highly technical and product-oriented team- almost half of the team is composed of top computer science students at Georgia Tech, and this will drive the company forward. As long as the algorithm is continuously refined and genuinely helps people to connect more around music they love, the sky’s the limit for SameTunes. No streaming service is actively building the infrastructure needed to have social experiences around music and SameTunes is well positioned to fill this niche.

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