Knightley provides an off the shelf data room with all the documentation you need to look like a superfounder in due diligence.


One of the barriers for early-stage startups to raise funding is their lack of understanding of due diligence. Knightley is a website that helps startups by organizing all their documentation in one centralized location (their Data Room). Additionally, Knightley serves as a platform for investors to look into startups’ data rooms and to track KPIs before they invest. 


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Business Model 

Knightley is a for-profit B2B startup that uses a subscription based model. They charge both investors and startups that come onto the platform a fee of $14/month. 


The Product

Knightley’s platform provides startups with a data room management tool and provides investors with access to early stage companies. The Data Room is a hub where startups can easily share their due diligence documentation with investors. Additionally, startups on the platform can display their KPIs and their metrics on a user friendly dashboard. This allows investors to set KPI thresholds for a company, and once those thresholds are achieved, the investor is notified. By being a portal that facilitates startups’ data and documentation, Knightley makes the funding process easier and more transparent for both investors and entrepreneurs. 


Traction and Fundraising

  • Launched July 1st 2020 – have 2 investor groups, ~35 companies (as of July 13th, 2020)
  • In talks with universities to give access to all students
  • Currently fundraising



Graham Gintz: MBA @ Georgia Tech, MS in Conflict Management @ KSU

Robert Bunch: 20+ years of CS experience, MS in Divinity @ Trinity International University,   

                          BS in Computer Science @ University of Northern Iowa


Our Analysis 

Less than 5000 companies raised VC funding last year and 51% of the people in VC graduated from Harvard or Stanford. It’s a common saying that “in order to raise capital you need to know someone in VC”. Knightley is making access to funding easier for founders without requiring an extensive connection base. Besides getting their foot in the door, other hurdles new founders face include pitchbook creation and data room management.  Knightley wants to allow anyone with a great idea to worry less about these hurdles and focus on their idea full-time. Their defensibility comes from integrating with startups at an earlier stage in their life cycle, and they can capitalize on this over the lifespan of the company with future features such as payroll and cap table management. Knightley’s mission to reduce friction for early-stage startups to gain capital will lead to greater customer lifetime value. 


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